Bush Poetry in Central Queensland comprises of writers, performers and individuals who are interested in Australian bush poetry. If you are interested in Australian bush poetry either Classical (Traditional), or Contemporary (Modern) and you are from Central Queensland or surrounding districts, then CQ Bush Poetry is the information hub for you. If you are a writer or performer of bush poetry, or you are just interested in supporting bush poetry in Central Queensland and connecting with other bush poetry enthusiasts throughout Australia then you should consider contacting us to assist you in your bush poetry endevours.

The objectives of CQ Bush Poetry is to foster and encourage the growth of Bush Poetry in Central Queensland. Australian Bush Poetry is defined as metred and rhymed poetry about Australia, Australians and/or the Australian way of life.

Promotes Bush Poetry events in Central Queensland.
Supporting Bush Poetry events in Central Queensland.
Providing an online sales facility for Bush Poetry products by Central Queenslanders.


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History of Bush Poetry in Australia

One of our local poets Evan Schnalle.
A renowned poet Claude Morris from Gordonvale just north of Central Queensland.

CQ Bush Poetry, Central Queensland.
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