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Evan Presents The Best of the Best of the Best

1 Julie written by Bobby Miller
2 Most Popular Bloke in the Pub written by Neil McArthur
3 Fishin' for Cod written by Murray Hartin
4 Cross Eyed Bull written by Blue the Shearer
5 Boney Mountain Bachelor written by Marco Gliori
6 The Chook From Snowy River written by Martin Pearson
7 The Driving Instructor written by Bobby Miller
8 Shopping Trolley Rage written by Neil McArthur
9 Best Mates on Earth written by Gary Fogerty

Evan Presents
G'Day Folks I'm Evan
1 Bingo written by Bobby Miller
2 The Cattle Dog's Revenge written by Jack Drake
3 Weekend Warriors written by Evan Schnalle
4 A Cowyard Romeo written by Jim Grahame
5 The Will written by Bobby Miller
6 My Darlin' Lucy written by Evan Schnalle
7 I Think I'm Gunna Die written by Ray Essery
8 Backfire written by Milton Taylor
9 Ode To the Larrikin written by Evan Schnalle
10 A Grave Situation written by Claude Morris
11 What's Cookin' Good Lookin'? written by Evan Schnalle
12 G'Day Folks I'm Evan written by Jim Haynes

Evan Presents
The Masters of Yesterday
1 A Bush Christening written by Banjo Paterson
2 Do You Think That I Do Not Know written by Henry Lawson
3 How McDougal Topped the Score written by Thomas E Spencer
4 My Country written by Dorothea McKellar
5 There's Only Two Of Us Here written by Edward Harrington
6 Where The Dead Men Lie written by Barcroft Henry Boake
7 The Riding Of The Rebel written by Will Ogilvie
8 The Silent Member written by CJ Dennis
9 Song of the Shingle Splitters written by Henry Kendall
10 Said Hanrahan written by John O'Brien
11 The Sick Stockrider written by Adam Lindsay Gordon
12 The Railway Hotel written by WG Howcroft
13 Since the Country Carried Sheep written by Breaker Morant


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