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Claude Morris - Vocational History


by Ron Morris (nephew)

The following is a brief outline of the life of Claude Morris who was born in the old mining town of Watsonville in far North Queensland on 27th December 1908 the youngest son of Harry and Annie Morris nee Morgan, Harry having been born in England and Annie in Maryborough Queensland.

Claude's Railway career may be as near as I can ascertain as follows. Claude commenced his Railway career as a Temporary Lad Porter with the Queensland Government Railways at Mareeba in North Queensland on 11th July 1925 at the age of 18 years. From where he was transferred to Biboohra in North Queensland on 15th March 1927 where he was appointed Permanent Lad Porter on 5th August 1927. He was transferred to Cairns North Queensland on 17th September 1929 as Lad Porter and made Porter on 27th December 1929 and then transferred to Millaa Milllaa in North Queensland on 6th February 1930 where he stayed until 1st October 1934 having passed the Night Officers Course on 18th April 1934.

He was transferred to Mareeba again as Porter on 30th July 1936 and then to Tolga North Queensland 17th February 1937 and remained there until 22nd August 1940 when he was transferred to Bowen Goods as Night Officer and remained there until 14th August 1943 when he went on exchange to Longford Creek where he remained until 2lst October 1948 when he became 5th Assistant Station Master at Tolga a post he held until 17th January 1952 when he became 4th Assistant Station Master Cairns Roster taking up this appointment 18th March 1952. He remained Cairns Roster until appointed 5th Assistant Station Master at Cardwell on 29th May 1957 from where he became 4th Assistant Station Master at El Arish 1st December 1966 remaining there until he retired on 14th August 1971 after 46 years with the Railway Department.

Further in the life of Claude Morris he spent his early School days at the Watsonville State School and later at the Kulara State School where his parents moved to in1921. It was while working at Millaa Millaa that he married Florence Minns who was born in Grand Forks Canada and arrived in North Queensland in 1917. Florence was born 8th January 1907 and they were married on 4th February 1931. They had two children namely Daphne Bernice born 24th May 1932 and Donald Henry born 13th August 1933. The family shifted around to many towns in North Queensland, Donald completing his education at the Cairns State High School, after which he served an Apprenticeship as a Fitter with the Queensland Government Railways. Before he retired Claude and Flo were keen on fishing and also on Rock and Gem hunting, while Claude became a prolific writer of Poetry. On his retirement they still continued chasing after Gems and did a little fishing while Claude had a book of Poems published in 1975 (The Legend of Angle Creek and other Bush Ballads ) in all there were two additional publications in the following years.

They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in1981 and I was able to attend this great occasion and also congratulated them in 1991 on the 60th anniversary. Claude passed away on 20th September 1996 and Florence followed some months later leaving on 25th December 1996 after a marriage that had stood the test of time having lasted 65 years. They left their two children, 6 Grand Children, and 15 Great Grand Children to mourn their loss of these two people who I shall remember with pride they being my Uncle and Aunt.



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