Honesty Is The Best Policy
© Evan Schnalle 2004

Our prime minister has spoken we are going to the polls,
to stoke the political fire and refresh the burnt out coals.
There’s slogans flying at you, it’s a political attack,
and the most trying question facing you, is who will you back.

After studying government bills that don’t make sense to you,
you start to wonder if any politician’s have a clue.
Will you vote for your electorate or the good of the nation,
you wonder, will your vote really change Australia’s situation?

They’ll take more positions, than there are in the Kama Sutra,
believe me, they won’t rest, until they’ve managed to recruit ya.
You’ve heard them say they’ll listen, and they can see your point of view,
that’s hard to believe when you know it’s not what they’re gonna do.

Speeches full of promises continue throughout the campaign,
it’s the truth within their words that is difficult to obtain.
So many empty promises have been made to you and me,
we need pollies with a commitment to total honesty.

We need sincere politicians to explain things as they are,
and will take the wrap for taxing fuels and not spending it on tar.
We don’t want to vote for promises that we know won’t be kept,
or for pollies who pass policies that we wouldn’t accept.

They’ve had turns at running the country but nothing’s changed at all,
you need to fill out ten forms instead of making one phone call.
We need a good Australian pollie who call’s a spade a spade,
then we could clone some more pollies and they’ll all be tailor made.

Yes, a mob of honest pollies that will surely do the trick,
a party which will fix all the problems, properly and quick.
Two houses of honest pollies, Governor General on top,
who’ll also be an honest clone once the old one gets the chop.

And hard working civil servants that’s what we need, by jingo,
we need one’s that only speak the sensible Aussie lingo.
Then we’ll all be feeling bonzer and I’m sure that you will see,
with governments like that in the world we’d live in harmony.

But one person alone can’t make this fantasy come true,
so let’s just listen to the info and do what we can do.
If you vote for the wrong candidate and submit to their charm,
the consequences may cause our electorate serious harm.

So listen to their policies and the slogans that they note,
and let your heart and mind guide you to the truth before you vote.
Be sure you don’t let yourself be conned by their flashy campaigns,
let’s join together, demand the truth and ease the country’s pains.
Evan carrys on the traditions of AB (Banjo) Paterson, Henry Lawson, Thomas E Spencer, CJ Dennis, PJ Hartigan (John O'Brien), Adam Lindsay Gordon, Dorothea Mackellar, Harry Breaker Morant, Henry Kendall, Barcroft Henry Boake, Will Ogilvie, Francis Kenna and George Essex Evans


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